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Our Policy defines the return rules, data from the bank of personal data obtained from customers via the website https://flex.pl (further addressed) by the company L’amour Stangret, Suchenek Spółka Jawna, ul. Kościelna 16, 05-200 Wołomin (POLAND), NIP: PL125-171-55-18

The administrator of the user’s personal data. Company L’amour Stangret, Suchenek Spółka Jawna, ul. Kościelna 16, 05-200 Wołomin (POLAND), NIP: PL125-171-55-18, hereinafter referred to as the “Service Provider” or “Industry”. Our company provides thorough customer service in order to ensure the collection of customer services and the verification of personal data, personal data and services, the performance of functions via the contact form and the provision of services.


Full use of the Contact Form in a way that allows for placing an order or sending an inquiry does not require the Customer to have an Account and log in to it.

  1. The use of the Contact Form begins when the Customer begins to complete it, by completing and sending the form, which is available on the website www.lamourdiamonds.com
  2. Placing an order / sending an inquiry via the Contact Form takes place after the Customer completes a total of two consecutive steps – (1) after completing the Form and (2) clicking the “Ask now” field – until then it is possible to modify the entered data or stop submitting Orders / Inquiries.
  3. In the Contact Form, it is necessary for the Customer to provide the following data regarding the Customer: name and surname, e-mail address, contact telephone number, and the content of the inquiry / order.
  4. The Contact Form Electronic Service is provided free of charge and is of a one-off nature and ends when the Order / Inquiry is submitted through it or when the Customer ceases to place the Order through it earlier.


The Website will collect the following personal data from Customers through the Website and others
forms of communication when inquiries / orders are made via the form
1) surname and first name,
3) correspondence address,
4) e-mail address,
5) telephone number.
Providing the above data is voluntary but necessary to make an inquiry or place an order
(conclusion of a Sale / Purchase Agreement) as part of the Website. By placing an Order or sending an inquiry, the Customer agrees to the processing of personal data by the Service Provider.


What data is collected automatically when using the Website?
The website does not automatically collect any data, except for the data contained in cookies while using the website. Cookies are small text files sent by a website and stored on the Customer’s computer containing certain information related to the Customer’s use of the Website. Cookies are used to operate the Website and provide the possibility of providing the Customers with interesting information. Cookies used by the Website may be temporary or permanent. Temporary cookies are deleted when the browser is closed, while permanent cookies are also stored after the end of the use of the Website by the Customers and are used to store information such as a password or login, which speeds up and facilitates the use of the Website by the Customer. In any case, the Customer may block the installation of cookies or delete permanent cookies using the appropriate options of the web browser. In case of problems, we advise you to use the browser help file or contact the manufacturer of the browser used by the customer.
The Administrator may process the data contained in Cookies when visitors use the Website for the following purposes:

  1. implementation of basic website functionalities, such as statistics of visits to the website
  2. adapting the content of the Website to the individual preferences of the Customer
  3. remembering the IP location, time zone;
  4. personalization and publication of advertising content on the Website, in line with the interests of the Customers.
    5.remarketing, i.e. an advertising activity in which, after creating appropriate remarketing lists based on selected behavioral characteristics (using Google Analytics), banner ads are directed that are displayed to users when visiting various websites on the Google advertising network.


In order to perform the contract, the Website may share the personal data collected from the Customer with partners, including e.g. courier companies, couriers, payment system operators. In such cases, the amount of data transferred is limited to the required minimum. In addition, the information provided by the Customer may be made available to competent public authorities, if required by applicable law.


If you have any questions or objections to the above Privacy Policy, please contact our office at info@lamourdiamonds.pl